Frequently Asked Questions


DXA Group is a premier digital art gallery that empowers rising digital artists and provides collectors with a carefully curated selection of digital artworks.

DXA Group focuses on discovering and nurturing rising digital artists while providing collectors with a premium experience. Our integration of OpenSea ensures a safe and seamless marketplace experience.

DXA Group’s services are available to anyone interested in collecting unique and exceptional digital artworks.

You can contact DXA Group through our website’s contact form or via email at

For Collectors

You can purchase digital art on our marketplace powered by OpenSea. Simply browse our collection of digital artworks, select the piece you want to purchase, and complete the transaction on OpenSea.

Our marketplace on OpenSea accepts various payment methods, including major cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

Once you complete the transaction on OpenSea, the artwork will be transferred to your digital wallet.

All artworks on our marketplace are verified on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity and provenance.

For Artists

You can apply to become a partner artist by filling out the application form.

We promote our partner artists’ works through various marketing channels, including brand partnerships, influencer collaborations, online and offline exhibitions, and featured articles.

We look for digital artists who are art geniuses of our time, with their own unique style, active on social media, and familiar with basics of NFT technology.

We carefully curate our selection of partner artists using art trend analytics and blockchain analytics, ensuring that each piece resonates with collectors who seek exceptional art.

It is free. We cover all advertising expenses and only asks artists to donate artwork in return.